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Yerba Santa (Approx. 3.5" - 5")

Sold per wrapped Bundle (Each)

Highest Quality

Yerba Santa (Holy Herb)

  • Yerba Santa is Spanish for “holy weed” or “holy herb.” Yerba Santa (eriodictyon glutinosum and ediodictyon californicum) is an evergreen shrub grown in the dry hill area of California and New Mexico. This herb has a sweet smell to it and has been used for lifetimes as a smudging herb in ceremonies for healing and purification. The Natives used it as an infusion to treat upper respiratory problems and fever.


    Since the dawn of times, plants have been our sacred connection to our mother earth. Plants feed, cure, and shelter us; and legends abound of the power of chosen plants to heal and protect the wise. Native traditions relate that wherever sage, cedar, and yerba santa are used, no evil influences may enter. To “smudge” is to purify with smoke from certain sacred herbs. The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from Native peoples in both North and  South America.


    Smoke may be used to purify the body, spirit, pets, home, office, healing rooms, or any space / item in your presence. This smudge wand is 100% natural aromatic botanicals. The herbs were gathered in an ecologically sound and respectful way. The plants are not harmed and nothing is wasted. These bundles are made for you as tools of empowerment. Light some, smile, and enjoy. 

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