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Wellness. Delivered.

BBB is dedicated to your wellness journey. We are competitively priced to be more cost effective because we firmly believe that high quality CBD-rich hemp oil should be broadly accesible.

Trust & Confidence

We have selected the best certified payment security methods so that you have peace of mind when paying for your wellness products.

Buddha Belly Bang, LLC

At Buddha Belly Bang™, we do what we love and we are grateful that you have chosen us for your CBD tinctures. We put thoughtful care and love into every order.

Our Customer Reviews

Tanisa Williams, FL

"Finally a CBD company that values integrity and quality over cheap ingredients. Hands down the best tasting, natural CBD oil on the market. No gimmikcs!"

Ronaldo Cabral, IL

"I've been looking for a good natural remedy for my migraines so I tried this product and like magic, they went away. My GF tried it too and she said it's great for body aches and pains."

Thomas Garcia, CA

"I have trouble sleeping so I was looking for anything that would help. I tried the sleep support spray and it works really well. Just one spray under my tounge, and I am knocked out in 15 minutes."

Nat Campusano, NC 

"This is my absolute favorite CBD company. I have literally been using their products for the last 3 years and I have never been disappointed."

Deanna Murphy, NY

"After my workouts, BBB's topical pain and joint rub gives me the ultimate relief. It has been amazing and such a life saver! 

Danielle Singh, TX 

OMG! The dried strawberries were so delicious, they taste like candy!  It gave me just the right amount of CBD to relieve my anxiety.  You have a loyal customer for life! 

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