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​​​Organic Nettle Root

(Urtica dioica)

Herbal Supplement

Origin: Bulgaria

Organic Nettle Root (1.2oz)

$3.99 Regular Price
$3.49Sale Price
  • Nettle Root has been used worldwide for centuries in a variety of countries and different cultures. It has been eaten as a wild food plant, applied to the skin topically, and enjoyed by many as an herbal tea. A staple among herbalists, stinging nettle is considered a classic “nutritive” herb, meaning it is very nutrient dense and nourishing. Packed with minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, copper) and vitamins (A, C, K, and B). Nettle root has been shown to decrease oxidative stress, fight infections, lower blood sugar, and decrease levels of pro-inflammatory compounds. Enjoy Nettle's mild, peppery flavor (some compare to an earthy, sweet version of seaweed) when brewed into a tea.

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