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Mushroom Quaternity Combo Pack Contains:


1 - BBB Premium Chaga Mushroom Oil Tincture

(w/ Blessed Thistle & Nettle) ~ 30ml tincture bottle / 1 fl. oz.


1 - BBB Premium Cordyceps Mushroom Oil Tincture

(w/ Mullein Leaf) ~ 30ml tincture bottle / 1 fl. oz.


1 - BBB Premium Lion's Mane Mushroom Oil Tincture

(w/ Ginko Biloba) ~ 30ml tincture bottle / 1 fl. oz.


1 - BBB Premium Reishi Mushroom Oil Tincture

(w/ Hawthorn Berry) ~ 30ml tincture bottle / 1 fl. oz.

Mushroom Quaternity Combo Pack (Save $12)

$79.96 Regular Price
$67.96Sale Price
  • Buddha Belly Bang™ Premium Mushroom Supplements are carefully crafted with LOVE and the highest quality ingredients available. Our top-shelf oil extracts are delivered more effectively into the bloodstream (opposed to cheap water-based products that are processed through the digestive tract and quickly excreted), retaining a higher percentage of these essential compounds. While effectively delivering these important Phytochemicals, our lipid delivery system efficienctly delivers the other active (and highly beneficial) ingredients to your bloodstream faster, enhancing the effects of these powerful mushrooms.

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