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Composed of 25 ingredients, including nagi, saffron, red sandalwood, and white sandalwood. Lumbini Incense are prepared in a special manner for sacred rituals. Used in one of the ancient traditional arts of the monastic order of Tibet.


Made in Nepal - Hand Rolled


Sold per bundle (Approx. 40-50 sticks)

Lumbini Incense

  • Most people who never or seldom use incense often think of it simply as an air freshener or an odor eater and are unaware of the many benefits it has to the mind and body. Even many regular incense users who use it regularly may not fully appreciate all its physical and psychological benefits.


    Below are outlines of why just about every religion and culture since the beginning of time has used incense for its spiritual powers, why tribal healers and physicians throughout history have used incense for its healing powers, why monks have used incense for thousands of years for its concentration powers, why artists use incense to inspire creativity, and why couples use incense to heighten sexual experiences.


    • Enhances Concentration & Focus
    • Stimulates Creativity
    • Increases Motivation
    • Boosts Confidence
    • Heightens Sexual Drive
    • Prevents Infections
    • Relieves Headaches
    • Fights Depression
    • Reduces Anxiety & Tension
    • Aids Insomnia


    Click HERE for more detailed information on the healing benefits of Incense.

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