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Crispy Lion’s Mane Mushroom w/ Buddha Belly Bang™ CBD Chili-Citrus Sauce🌶🔥🍊

We gotta EAT! .... Pick up some fresh Lion’s Mane and pair it with this quick CBD-infused chili-citrus sauce! Your taste buds, brain, and nervous system will thank you deeply .... Total prep time is only about 12 mins ⏱

Start by gently pulling apart your lion’s mane mushroom into bite-size pieces. Set aside. Grab a clean bowl and add your dry ingredients. We recommend using alkaline flour such as spelt, kamut, or garbanzo (chick pea). Next add your seasoning. Ground white pepper, black pepper, burdock root powder, black lava sea salt, and berbere (ethiopian spice blend) from Bunna Cafe.

Add spring water and mix until batter is smooth. Drop in your mushroom pieces, coat nicely, and get your avocado oil going on medium-high heat. Start frying for about 90 seconds on each side (or until crispy and golden-brown).

❤️ BBB Chili-Citrus Sauce:

— 2 tbsp. fermented chili pepper paste from @traderjoes

— 4 tbsp. organic coconut aminos from @traderjoes

— 1 tbsp. organic date syrup from @traderjoes

— Fresh citrus of your choice. We used red grapefruit.

— 2 full droppers of @buddhabellybang 3,000mg CBD oil.

— 2 full droppers of @buddhabellybang Lion’s Mane oil.

— 2 tsp. korarima (ethiopian cardamom) from @bunnacafe

Drizzle your sauce over your mushroom pieces. You can also mix and coat thoroughly for “boneless wing” vibes. Garnish w/ diced poblano pepper or chopped green onion.


💜 BBB Full Spectrum Premium CBD Tincture (3,000mg)

🤍 BBB Lion’s Mane (w/ Ginkgo Biloba) Oil Tincture

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