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Mateology: The Drink Beyond A Drink


Written by David "Mate" Askaripour


  • Mateology is the Bible of yerba mate. No North American has ever written a book on yerba mate until Dave “Mate” Askaripour decided to learn everything he could about this ancient herb from Paraguay — living in South America for years — and return home to spread the word about this drink that has the power to improve lives, increase health and vitality, and most of all, form friendships.

  • Learn Everything there is to Know About Yerba Mate:


    • History and tradition.
    • How to Prepare yerba mate.
    • Learn the health benefits of yerba mate.
    • Understand the various cuts and types yerba mate.
    • Yerba mate's influence on North America.

    Learn about the yerba mate Circle and how it's used to form friendships. Read Mateology and see how mate has changed many lives around the world. Mate will change our Nation, one sip at a time.

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